Rundschau has two books specially for Children; KOB Schnittkonstruktion and Gradieren (to enlarge and to reduce sizes). Both books are with extensive work instructions, accompanied by drawings, photographs and calculations according to the pattern drawing system of M. Müller and Sohn. 

The Rundschau Children books are exclusively available in the German language.

  • KOB Schnittkonstruktion (+ CD ROM)
    KOB Schnittkonstruktion (+ CD ROM)

    The Rundschau book "KOB Schnittkonstruktion" both for boys and girls contains 200 pages. All models for children i.e. blouses, dresses, pants and leggings etc. for girls and all models pants, jackets, sweatpants, shirts for boys…

    € 108,00
  • Latest issue

    Gradieren = Grading
    Gradieren = Grading

    The Rundschau book "Gradieren" for ladies and children describes the process of enlarging and reducing the basic patterns. It contains 153 pages; techniques are shown accompanied by text and drawings and gradation charts.


    € 108,00
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