Rundschau Ladies & Gentlemen magazine 2020 nr. 1-2

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The focus of this first combined Ladies and Gentlemen edition number 1-2 of 2020 for the Ladies part is on Baby Clothing and Maternity Wear. Starting of with 2 photo pages with Blouse-Beauties. Furthermore 15 pages with clear descriptions, calculations and drawings for a Legging (size 68), a Long Romper (size 74), a Dungarees Block (size 80) and even a pair of Shoes (size 56). The Maternity Wear starts with basic T-shirt, a basic legging, and a basic block Slim-fit Dress (size 40). Also inclusive are 2 ready made patterns of Maternity Blouses in metric sizes 36-38-40-42-44 and 46.

The Gentlemen's part of this first combined edition is on Collars. To start with 2 photo pages with Eye-Catcher Collars. To be followed by 9 pages work descriptions for Collar variations for Suit Jackets and Hawaii and T-Shirts. 

Magazine price is € 25,00. Price including shipping costs on request only, depending on the country.  

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